Students are exposed to the wholesome influence and ethos of discipline and duty through the NCC wing. NCC cadets participated in camps held at Public College, Samana and Mohindra College, Patiala.
It is believed now-a-days that knowledge is not bound to books only, so many educational tours have been organized for the students. Tours are organized for students during the Summer and Autumn Breaks. It also encourages the child to interact with outer world which in turn results in making them self confident, decision maker and more courageous. One day outing and picnics are organized for the juniors.
At Budha Dal Public School, we believe that inside every child lies the imagination of a Shakespeare, the genius of a Ravi Shankar, the boldness of Hcasso and the grace of Rukmini Devi
Arundale. To give vent to their expression, the children are encouraged to pick any hobby of their choice and pursue it under the guidance of the teachers. Hobbies offered are:
1. Reader's Club 2. Dramatics
3. Public Speaking 4. Bhangra
5. Folk Dance 6. Classical Dance
7. Cookery 8. Environment Club
9. Science Club 10. Electronics
11. Art & Craft 12. S.U.P.W.
Yoga lessons form a part of the school curriculum and are used in training the mind and body for self-discipline. The school provides first aid at the school premises.
Education is a methodical effort towards learning basic facts about humanity. And the core idea behind value education is to cultivate essential values in the students so that the civilization that teaches us to manage complexities can be sustained and further developed. It is with this object that Divinity and Value Education are compulsory subjects upto Class X.
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