The school’s foundation was laid on May 04, 1989 by Chief of Budha Dal, 96 Crori Singh Sahib Jathedar Baba Santa Singh Ji.

The school is a gift of Chief of Budha Dal, 96 Crori Singh Sahib Jathedar Baba Santa Singh Ji, Shiromani Panth Akali Budha Dal Panjwan Takht. The school is run by the Shiromani Budha Dal Sikh Educational Society with 96 Crori, Singh Sahib Jathedar Baba Balbir Singh Ji, as its Chief Patron.

Our Mission
The mission of the school is to impart an all round education, so as to equip the students mentally, morally, physically and culturally to become worthy citizens of free India and enable them to zealously guard and retain its noble traditions. The school aims at disciplined students, educated in mind, body and spirit and hence best suited to serve their country and best fitted to lead others by their example. The school’s mission is to provide quality education to the students and inculcate in them the spirit of being enterprising and responsible. The school lays special emphasis on the all round development of the child thus enabling them to excel in all fields at the national and international level, by working with dedication, honesty and sacrifice. Through a wide range of co-curricular activities, the school nurtures the creativity of each child and encourages them to be confident of their actions.
The School Insignia
The school insignia is the Khanda-symbol consisting of the Khanda (Double edged, straight, concave sided sword), the Chakkar (circle) and two Kirpans (swords).
The double edged sword is placed in the middle of the symbol. Like the numerical I, it represents one God. It symbolizes disintegration of false pride, vanity and demolition of the barriers of caste and inequalities. It also signifies cutting evil both ways, cleaving the truth from falsehood.

The circle has no beginning or end, it exhorts our students to make the whole universe the object of their compassion and achieve perfection in academics, spiritual obligations as well as social obligations.

The two swords show that the balance in every thing is most essential in life. One of the swords means that you need to power your beliefs. Other impresses the need of authority to live with dignity and to face and curb all wrongs as well as, to help the needy-to use it for justice. These two demonstrate the balance of life, including that of the spiritual and the worldly, and make one a Saint-Soldier.
The School Motto
“Degh, Tegh, Fateh”
“Serve, Strive, Conquer”
The motto reflects the BDPS’ ethics of encouraging students to work hard at studies, respect their teachers and participate in all, the school has to offer. ‘To serve’ means to give to others through self-sacrifice, ‘to strive’ is to pursue one’s goals with great determination, and ‘to conquer’ is to carry on inspite of all difficulties, that is, to persist to eventually triumph.
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