Code of Conduct
• Students are expected to follow a high moral of conduct. Sufficient guidance and counseling is rendered by the school towards honest life. Any student found breaking this code or indulging in antisocial acts shall be liable to serious disciplinary action.
• The Principal is empowered to-rusticate or suspend a pupil from the rolls of the school on grounds of indiscipline, misbehavior, neglect of academic work or frequent absence.
• The first and the last day of each term is compulsory for all students. Absence may result in the student’s name being automatically struck off the rolls.
• Absence without leave for three consecutive days may results in the students, name being struck off and readmission will have to be sought.
• Students with outstanding dues will not be permitted to appear for examinations.
• Report Card of each student will be handed over to the Parents at the Parent Teacher Meeting at the end of each examination. Duplicate Report Cards will be issued on payment of Rs.200 only.
• Any damage done to the school property by the student, accidentally or intentionally will be rectified at the cost of the offender.
• Lending or borrowing of money is strictly prohibited. The school authorities do not hold themselves responsible for the loss of money, books and other belongings.
• Students are not to carry mobiles, in case they do, the mobiles will be confiscated and strict disciplinary action will be taken against child.
• Students found using unfair means in any Exam/Monday Test will be awarded a zero in that particular subject. Repetition of such a serious mistake will lead to expulsion from the school.
• It is compulsory for the students to appear in all Exam-Monday tests. No re-examination will be conducted under any circumstances.
• Promotions once refused will not be reconsidered.
• Students should attend school regularly. The school reserves the right to take action against students who fall short of 75% of the total attendance.
• Each student is expected to carry with him/her the school diary and identity card on all days.
• Only students of XI and XII classes are allowed to come to school on scooter and motorcycles. Students upto Class X should either use the school transport or cycles to commute to and fro. Parents are requested to ensure that they do not give their wards upto Class X, any scooter/motorcycle to ride.
• No pupil is allowed to leave the school premises during the school hours without the prior permission of the Principal.
• Students should be dressed in a neat and clean uniform on all days. Shoes should be polished daily. Clean shaven boys should sport a neat hair cut. Girls should tie their hair in plaits. No students is permitted to have a fancy hair style. Use of hair gels is strictly forbidden.

Full fees should be paid at the commencement of each quarter. No refund will be made under any circumstance. When required Transfer Certificate will be issued only when fees and other dues have been paid in full. Should a parent decide to withdraw his child from school, one month’s notice is expected of them before the last working day.
School reserve the right to ask a parents to withdraw a child for poor academic progress or on grounds of misconduct or indiscipline.
Note : No fee is refundable.

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